Lefkara: A Destination for every taste

Lefkara is rightly one of the most famous and beautiful villages in Cyprus. Who has not heard of the famous embroidery, the ornate silversmithing, the warm hospitality, the local cuisine with its famous Tava Lefkaritiko and their idyllic atmosphere?

In picturesque Lefkara with its special folk architecture, you can enjoy a walk in the cobbled streets between stone houses with tiled roofs and green courtyards. You can accompany your walk with drinks and delicious sweets that you will find in the charming cafes of the village and make stops in the small shops of embroidery and silversmithing to buy unique and beautiful handicrafts.

You can visit the Local Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silverwork to experience a unique journey through time and history of the village. Here you can find an extensive collection of Lefkara embroidery and silverware, as well as household items and traditional clothing of the inhabitants of the region throughout the years.

The Lefkara Handicraft Center is another ideal destination for lovers of tradition, where the visitor has the opportunity to get to know the Lefkara handicraft and if he wishes, to be trained in it.

This list would not be complete without mentioning the majestic Church of the Holy Cross with its special history, as well as the various chapels of the area, such as Agia Anastasia, Archangelos, Agia Marina, Panagia Leivadiotissa and others.

While walking the streets of Lefkara, even if you are not looking for it, you will most likely find yourself witnessing a wedding photo shoot. The village is one of the most popular options for newlyweds who want perfect images of the most beautiful day of their life. The idyllic atmosphere created by picturesque streets, stone houses and colorful doors are gorgeous on and off film.